APEX Confirm Message With
Custom Event Dynamic Action

Video Tutorial


In this tutorial you will learn how to fire a Dynamic Action (You can call procedure, perform update/insert or anything) after user clicks “OK” button  on APEX Confirm Message.

Step 1

1) Create a Dynamic Action to perform DML or call procedure

1) Identification
Name: <Any Name>

2) When
Event: Custom
Custom Event: InsertRecord
Selection Type: JavaScript Expression
JavaScript Expression: document

Add True Action


Action: Execute PL/SQL Code

2) Settings
PL/SQL Code: <Your Code>

Add Another True Action to Submit Page


Action: Submit Page

2) Settings

Show Preocessing: True

Step 2

4) Create on Button Click Dynamic Action

Create a Dynamic Action to execute after report refresh


1) Identification

Name: Confirm Message


2) When

Event: Click

Selection Type: Button

Button: P3_INSERT <Your Choice>

Add True Action

Action: Execute JavaScript Code

2) Settings
Code: apex.message.confirm(“Are you sure you want to perfrm this action?”, function(okPressed) {

        if (okPressed) {

 //Use this code to trigger custom event




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