What’s New in Oracle APEX 20.1

Redwood UI

The user interface of APEX and the App Builder will be refreshed to align better with Redwood, Oracle’s new user experience design language.


Friendly URLs

The URL syntax for pages and applications is being simplified to allow for friendlier URLs.


Faceted Search Enhancements

Faceted Search will be expanded to allow for conditional facets and the ability to refresh chart regions, among other enhancements.


Data Loading for Oracle Autonomous Database

Data loading will be extended to support loading files from Oracle Cloud OCI Object Store, and also support file formats Parquet and Avro.


Mega Menus

Navigation Menus in Universal Theme will be expanded to support a new mega menu user interface.

Interactive Grid Improvements

Interactive Grid will be extended to support URL-based filtering, a new PL/SQL API, and other enhancements.

Report Export and Printing

Improvements include built-in PDF printing, native Excel export, and deeper integration with APEX Office Print.

Additional Oracle JET-based Components

We plan to adopt additional Oracle JET components for items such as the Date and Time Picker, Color Picker, and others.

New Productivity Apps

There will be two new productivity apps added the App Gallery: Employee Directory and a Ticketing System.

New Maps Component

A new region type will be provided that will enable rendering a map component based on maps from Oracle or other map providers.

Improved Life Cycle Management

We plan to introduce improved application export format, simplified patching, and more.

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